Blows the doors off every time…

A VERY strong set from beginning to end, “A Clip Round The Ear” is an absolute knockout of an album. Glenn Prangnell continues to amaze with his extremely sharp songwriting skills and sense of melody that carry on and build upon the very best of British Invasion era classic music. The soul and blues that Suzi Chunk bring add a depth and power that very few other current female singers can even come close to touching. This combination, known affectionately to fans as Unc N’ Chunk, blows the doors off every time. For a band that has made a huge impression on me from the first, I can easily say this is their best album to date and that’s no small statement. Anyone appreciating intelligent, witty and sharp lyrics combined with the very best of true rock, pop and soul, pick up this album. Unlike the other times you’ve caught a “Clip Round The Ear”, you’ll be thrilled you got this one.

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Review by Dana Saravia

Newest and Grooviest

Prolific songwriter Glenn Prangnell has released yet another album of fun, classy and well-crafted pop songs under his Groovy Uncle guise and this one may actually be the best yet. Mrs Saywell Says is a real pot-boiler — I mistyped and wrote “pop-boiler”, which is actually an accurate description. Great British pop with echoes of Ray Davies with layers of other influences so that it’s a bit like The Dukes of Stratosphear.  Really good.

I Thought It Was About Time  is Glenn getting his Burt Bacharach on with the help of Suzi Chunk on vocals. Some Motown in there too.  And he uses that Sandy Denny chord change from Who Knows Where The Time Goes. Suzi is amazing on this one! Clearly it was written for her to sing; her voice is part of the song itself. That Nillson like stuff that she does at the end — and WOW, that high note at the end blew me away!

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